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Company Profile

China Merchants Securities co. Ltd. provides investors with all-round professional services of securities investment and financing, including securities trading, securities financing and loan, securities issuance and underwriting, merger & acquisition, asset restructuring, financial consultation, asset management, asset custody and fund administration and investment consultation. It wholly owns China Merchants Securities International, China Merchants Futures, and China Merchants Capital Investment, and is a shareholder in BOSERA Funds and China Merchants Fund, building a comprehensive securities service platform integrating both domestic and international business.

  • Founded in August 8, 1991, China Merchants Securities is a leading enterprise under China Merchants Group.
  • In November 2009, China Merchants Securities made a successful IPO and was listed in the Shanghai Securities Exchange (Trading code: 600999).
Net Revenue (RMB : Million Yuans)

Securities Brokage
In 2011, we continued to improve Wise Account Management, our wealth management program, and built three product lines (namely, Wealth Management, “Zhiyuan” Consultant, & Investment Information) and a four-tiered product system (i.e. Zhi Xun, Zhi Ying, Zhi Rui, and Zhi Zun). In 2011, we stressed the improvement of product quality and provided specific products and recommendations to customers based on the market trend in an effort to satisfy different financial needs of individual investors.

Asset Management
In 2011, we made rigorous efforts to develop differentiated financial products that highlight broker advantages by leveraging our experience in the developed market with consideration to the domestic situation. When designing related products, we premised on risk control, strived to grasp the investment opportunities brought by the prosperity of the Chinese economy, made great efforts to mitigate relevant systematic risks, and reflected customer needs in aspects such as product liquidity, fee schedule, investment target, and investment strategy, so as to pursue the long-term steady appreciation of customer assets.

Securities Investment
In 2011, the securities market saw a rocky downturn. We gave top priority to risk control in our principal equity investment, controlled the equity position rationally, and actively conducted considerable hedging by using stock index futures, which effectively protected us against the downside risk of our investment portfolios. In securities investment, we adhered to the strategy of combining overall arbitrage and short-term operation and proactively adjusted our equity position and duration, which yielded good returns in the bear market of securities.

Investment Banking
In 2011, our investment banking services maintained its solid advantages in the financing market of small and medium sized enterprises and strengthened our participation in the market of large enterprises. On the one hand, we implemented the market expansion strategy of "high quality and preferential price" in the market of small and medium sized customers, stepped up our talent development efforts, and improved the quality of projects we undertook, building a first-class brand in the investment banking industry. On the other hand, we continued attracting key accounts and engaging in industry research and participated in varying degrees in the projects of key accounts.