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Asset Management

CMS is among the first to obtain Asset Management qualification. Since the start of asset management business in 2005, the company has maintained a leading position in the industry; Currently, CMS manages nearly RMB 10 billion Yuan in assets for institutional clients and individual clients, which makes CMS among the top 5 securities companies in China. CMS wealth management division has achieved billions of Yuan in investment return for our clients.

Business Structure

Asset Management Headquarters undertakes wealth management products development, designs application, marketing, investment management, channel cooperation and customer service, risk control, performance evaluation, etc.
Asset Management Headquarters has three functions, wealth management development department, Investment Management and wealth management Operation department. wealth management development is responsible for product development, channel development and product marketing, directed wealth management services, marketing planning and integrated services; Investment Management Department is responsible for asset management and investment products market research, investment and trading; wealth management Operation department is responsible for risk control , performance evaluation, customer service, compliance management, IT planning, administration budgets integrated services.


Asset Management Headquarters has more than 40 professionals specializing in research, risk control, product development, marketing and service, more than 80% of whom have a Master degree or above. Most of the professionals have been academically trained in renowned domestic or overseas schools. Major investment management and product development staff have years of professional business experiences, with a considerable portion have professional work experiences in Wall Street, Europe, Hong Kong's leading investment banks, hedge funds, and asset management companies.

Main Products

Product Category Risk Category Name of Products
Wealth Management Portfolio Products Low Risk “Cash Cow”
Lower Risk “FOF”
“Zhiyuan Hedge”
Medium Risk “ FOFII”
“Stock Star”
“Zhiyuan Growth”
“Zhiyuan Domestic Demand”
Oriented wealth management products (VIP Wealth Management accounts) Robust New Shares / Arbitrage Series
Strategy series
Portfolio Flexibility FoF Series
Stock Investment Series
Quantitative Investment Series
Wealth Management Products for dedicated accounts Enterprise Asset Securitization  

Main Honors

April 2009, “Cash Cow” won the "Best Portfolio Wealth Management Products in Money Market "in "China's first financial broker wealth management selection" by "Shanghai Securities Journal"

April 2008, “Most Popular wealth management Products” in the Second China (Shenzhen) International Science Life Expo by "Money Magazine"

Early 2007, “Strongest Asset Management Capabilities" in “21st Century broker Award" by “21st Century Business Herald”;

2006,"FOF" won "Shenzhen Financial Innovation Award" by Shenzhen government;

2005 end, "FOF" won the title of "2005 Financial Innovation" by Shenzhen Securities Association.