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CMS holds the primary responsibilities for their employees: to guarantee employees’ rights to receive remuneration, welfare, rest and labor protection through a series of rules and regulations such as the labor contract, performance appraisal; to provide the rights with employees to know and participate in company management via smooth communication channels; to secure employees the rights to improve professional skills through learning, training and personal career development programs, etc.

“People-oriented, merit-based” philosophy and “create open and fair, harmonious and pleasant environment” is the consensus held by every single person in the company. We believe that employees are the most valuable asset and the source of a company’s competitiveness; an open and fair policy environment, a harmonious and pleasant culture environment will collect wisdom and stimulate enthusiasm of the workforce. At the same time, the company holds employees accountable for such behavioral norms as: “Advocate Progress & Encourage Innovation”, “big-picture mindset, cohesion and co-operation”.