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Corporate Core Value

We strongly believe that diligence and honesty will bring us more confidence and exuberance, and that entrepreneurship and innovation will lead us to a more splendid future. On the premise of profitability, we adhere to the idea of sustainable development and exert our efforts on creating a client-oriented business model with controllable risk, balanced structure, innovation leadship, and steady profits. Through pragmatic and disciplined operation as well as surefooted and timely innovation, we will surely achieve sustainable prosperity.

Business philosophy

1. Credibility and integrity. Integrity is regarded as the fundamental business rule for a company’s survival and credibility as its invaluable long-term asset. We must honor our credibility and professional ethics to build a respectable and reliable brand through law-abiding operation and disciplined management.

2. Solidity and balance. As risks and profits always coexist in our industry, we should obtain balance between ventures and proceeds, costs and benefits, scale and efficiency, long-term development and short-term profits. With coordination of capability, resources, pace and scale of development, we will achieve not only profitability, but also sustainable development.

Client philosophy

3. Quality service and client-first. Clients are the foundation of a company’s operation and profitability, and good services ensure clients and markets. Client’s benefits and feelings should be put on priority and never jeopardized. We will increase client’s value with high-quality services and obtain their trust with our professional expertise and honesty.

4. Professionalism and dedication. Professionalism generates the best competitive edge for a company. With greatest focus on our business, perseverance in self-improvement, a strong sense of responsibility and work ethics, we will provide clients with professional and valuable services.

Humanism concept

5. People-first and ability-oriented. Employees, as the source of competitiveness, are the most valuable assets of a company. With career planning for employees as an important mission for the company, we help outstanding employees further develop their careers by creating a work environment that respects talents and knowledge, recognizes devotions and performance, advocates diligence and work ethics, and encourages innovations.

6. Fairness and equality. An open, justice and harmonious corporate environment will attract talents and ignite their passions for work. We establish a management system characterized with an interpersonal culture of integrity, optimism, vitality and harmony. Factionalism and individualism are strongly prohibited.

Conduct orientation

7. Enterprise and innovation. Innovative work will satisfy the changeable needs of clients and maintain a company’s competitive edge. We encourage the development of new and more efficient products, services, technologies, solutions and business models. The value of innovation must be respected while the faults are allowed.

8. Unity and cooperation. The success of a team always weighs heavier than that of an individual. Teamwork and cooperation find us a better way to success. Individual’s enthusiasm and potential should be fully stimulated, but more importantly we emphasize the teamwork spirit and unity of effective communication, cooperation and mutual support. Individualism and egoism are strongly opposed.


9. Loyalty and devotion. The lofty professional ethics are characterized with loyalty, responsibility, diligence and devotion. Every position in a company is prescribed with important duties. Therefore, employees should work for the company with loyalty, responsibility, diligence and devotion. They should maintain the company’s benefits, observe confidentiality rules and fulfill the duties of position cautiously and conscientiously.

10. Rewards for shareholders and society. The existence of a company depends on its shareholders and society. Besides focusing on its own development and rewarding its shareholders, the company should promote the development of the industry and social economy by its outstanding performance. It should also play a role in building a good social atmosphere of diligence, patriotism and civic virtues. As a citizen, it should fulfill its responsibility to serve the country and society by active participation in social charity activities.