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Foreign Investors Guide

Foreign individual investors

All CMS business outlets are capable of providing you with China B shares trading services.

CMS International can provide you with the following services and products:
Brokerage Business:

1)  Hong Kong market: trading of equity securities, debt securities, unit trusts, exchange traded funds and warrants, and stock index futures contracts, bonds, high interest rate bills and other derivatives listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

2)  Trading services in markets outside Hong Kong: Shenzhen and Shanghai B shares and overseas major stock markets, including the United States, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Britain, Japan, the Philippines, Korea, Malaysia;

3)  Commodities and futures trading in overseas markets, including Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the New York Mercantile Exchange, Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Eurex, Singapore Exchange and other major markets.

4)  CMS Zhiyuan Investment Club and our asset management team provide investment service or dedicated accounts management directed by experts for high asset investors.

Research and Analysis: Mainly focusing on Chinese public company, covering red chips, State-owned enterprises shares, H shares and Hong Kong listed companies in different industries and market analysis research services, including (1) Global Marketing Strategies (2) industry analysis, hotspot tracking, research report (3) monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual investment strategies, sector allocation, stock recommendations

Asset Management: China Merchants Securities Asset Management (HK) Co., Ltd focuses on providing professional investment fund products, and tailor-made dedicated account wealth management. (1) Fund Products: mainly designed for investment needs, pursuing value investment, focusing on finding values from market deviations and system reforms; (2) Dedicated accounts wealth management: According to customer's investment and risk preferences to design independent investment plan for difference customers which brings customers with relatively flexible and professional asset management services.

Foreign Institutional Investors

CMS can provide:

China A / B shares trading

China A / B shares investment advisory

China A / B shares research , including: A / B stock research reports, sales manager full-time covering, market research, cooperation project in research of listed companies, investment strategies conferences and investors meetings.

CMS International can provide you with the following services and products:

Brokerage Business: equivalent to that of the foreign individual investors

Investment Banking: IPO sponsorship and underwriting, post-IPO refinancing, M&A, pre-IPO PE financing, financial advisory and independent financial advisory along with other multi-faceted investment banking services.

Analysis: According to customer needs to provide comprehensive, timely, flexible, efficient and diversified investment advisory: (1) Global Assets Allocation (2) A + H shares analog portfolio, on-demand regular road shows(3) industry strategies, companies analysis report, joint researches (4) semi-annual and annual strategies, industry experts forum.

Asset Management: According to customer needs to provide comprehensive investment advisory and asset management services, covering products and direct investment projects, including: securities, bonds, futures, FX, commodities, derivatives, structured products, OTC transactions, etc. Dedicated personnel are arranged for a sound investment and service system for our clients.