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Fund Businesses

Bosera Funds , an entity controlled by CMS, has a business scope of fundraising, fund sales, asset management and other businesses licensed by CSRC. It is an institution provides customers with asset management and professional investment services. Bosera Funds manages 18 securities investment funds and a number of social security funds and corporate annuity accounts. The total amount managed exceeds 209 billion Yuan. It is one of the largest fund companies in China in terms of the size of asset under management.

CMS and CMB jointly control China Merchants Fund, which is the first joint venture fund management company in China. Its business scope includes fund initiation and establishment, fund management and other businesses approved by CSRC. China Merchants Fund manages 15 securities investment funds and multiple social security funds as well as corporate annuity accounts. The total amount managed exceeds 17 billion Yuan. It has been awarded the "Best Community Service Award" by "Asia Asset Management" and the "China Annual Best fund company" by "Asian investors".