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Individual Investors

CMS provides individual investors with securities trading and advisory services with regard to stocks, government bonds, corporate bonds, funds, warrants and other financial products traded on Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges; Our products for individual investors also include macroeconomic analyses, researchers on industries and corporations, and investment strategies. CMS has nearly 5,000 professional account managers and investment advisers in 81 branches in 40 cities in China. CMS has established the largest and most advanced CALL-CENTRE in securities industry in China, providing nearly 300 million customers with comprehensive professional services. According to market research company Nielsen's findings, CMS customer satisfaction ranked the first among China's securities industry. CMS ranks top 5 in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange regarding market performances. CMS has integrated different services for individual investors to "Zhiyuan Wealth Management" service system to allow investors to enjoy the excellence securities services in China.

Service system

Customization: CMS categorizes customers as Silver card customers, Gold card customers, Diamond card customers, for various types of services to meet the individual needs of different customers.

Trading Channels: CMS provides fast, convenient and safe passage for clients in securities trading through its business outlets, online transactions, mobile securities, and telephone transaction channels.

Consultancy: Through CALL-CENTRE, website information, SMS, online investment advisers, strategy seminars, etc. to provide timely and comprehensive information.

Asset Management Products

CMS customized "wealth management programs" for different clients, including a series of services and products to meet customers’ varied needs. Which includes:

“Zhixun Program” provides the following services:Transaction channels: CMS Wealth version of Internet transactions, mobile securities;
VIP Services: VIP version for market information, fund and wealth management portfolio recommendations;
Investment References: Daily prospects; CMS research reviews; Weekly investment strategies.

“Zhiying Program” provides the following services:All services provided;
VIP Services:Daily research reports summary, VIP Edition of “Portfolio Ease”;
Investment Reference:Accounts Information.

“Zhirui Program” provide the following services: All services provided to Zhirui Clients;
Transaction channels:Trading system with Level-2 market information;
VIP Services:ETF, stock Index futures arbitrage services, Hong Kong stock market advice;
Exclusive Investment Adviser: one on one personal service, professional, personalized investment advice;
Investment Reference: market value Management services.

“Zhizun Program” provides the following services: All services provided to Zhizun Clients;
VIP Services: rapid response telephone conferences;
listed companies research for limited number of clients; Exclusive Investment Adviser: one on one personal service;
professional, personalized investment advice;
Investment Reference: Monthly account diagnosis by senior professional investment adviser, feasible investment advice provided;
direct communication with R & D team and the best “New Fortune” researchers, customized service; priority provided in margin services.

Main Honors

2010, "Best Broker in China", "Top 10 Business Outlet in China";

2010, Forbes "the Best Valuable Chinese Brands 2010” Award;

2009, awarded by the world's leading media group UBM, American International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) the "ACCE Best Quality Management of Global Call Center "; currently the only "Best Call Center Quality Management Award" winner in Chinese for non-bank financial institutions;

2008, Financial Innovation Award to"Zhiyuan Wealth Management" service system by Shenzhen Government”;

2008, "Best Call Center in China";

2007-2010, "the best financial website in China" consecutively.