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Institutional Businesses

Investment Banking

We provide sponsoring, underwriting and financial advisory services to enterprises during IPO, post-IPO refinancing, issuance of corporate bonds, M&A as well as consultancy to government agencies. Investment Bank division has a team of 250 professionals, of whom more than 50 are sponsors who hold qualifications issued by CSRC to recommend companies for public listings. The majority of them hold a master's degree or above. Moreover, nearly 80% have professional qualifications as lawyer, CPA or CFA.
Since the establishment of CMS, we have completed underwriting activities for over one hundred companies including IPOs, right issuances, SEOs, convertible bonds issuance of China A shares and covering industries of ports, pharmaceuticals, nonferrous metals, steel, finance, energy, transportation, catering, IT and so on. We have established a solid leading edge for SME financing in stock market in particular.
Since 2006, CMS was awarded as "Best Investment Bank", "Best M & A Program Design Award", and “Best Innovation Team" for many consecutive years.

Fund Services

Most of domestic fund companies have become clients to CMS. We provide them with phone recommendation, home road shows, strategies conferences on dedicated topics and other professional services. We also provide investment banking projects sales, including: IPO pricing inquiry, targeted SOEs, etc.; with the prerequisite of compliance, information disclosure and investigation is organized. Fund products sales are provided with a coordinated company resources in sales activities.

Strategic Clients Services

Our target clients are listed companies, shareholders, financial companies, insurance companies, trust companies, private equity funds. We provide cash management, portfolio wealth management, fixed income products as well as securities brokerage, stock custody, direct investment, investment and financing services.

Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) Services

QFII (Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors) includes overseas fund management institutions, insurance companies, securities companies and other asset management institutions which are approved by CSRC to invest in China's securities market and by SAFE on quota. QFII can trade stocks, bonds, funds, and other financial products allowed by CSRC to be traded on Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
CMS was among the first in the country to obtain QFII qualification. CMS is dedicated to providing excellent services to its clients. CMS’s QFII managers are among the most experienced in the industry and will devote all its resources to ensure that CMS is helping to pave the way for clients’ success. Currently,ING, ABN Amro, Northern Trust, and Shinko Investment Trust have been our strategic clients with our following services: 1、Trading Services: CMS accepts limit order, market order, GTC order, CD and any other type of order agreed by both sides. 2、Communication Vehicles for order receive and trade confirmation: fax, telephone, and Bloomberg message. 3. Research Services: CMS research product delivery, roadshow, and company visit arrangement. Investment Advisory Services: CMS provides A-share market and H-share market investment advisory services tailored for foreign institutional investors.

Wealth Management Services

CMS is among the first to obtain Asset Management qualification. Since the start of asset management business in 2005, the company has maintained a leading position in the industry; CMS has developed a variety of risk-return products and services for institutional clients and individual clients to meet their diverse wealth management demands. Currently, nearly 10 billion Yuan assets are under CMS management for institutional clients and individual clients, making CMS among the top 5 securities companies in China. Our wealth management services have achieved billions of Yuans of investment return for our clients.

Securities Research

CMS has one of the most powerful Research Centers in China with close to 100 researchers. The majority of them have master degree or PHD; some are from Europe and US.
CMS Research Center covers macroeconomy, bonds, industries, corporate, investment strategies, funds, financial derivatives and Hong Kong market. It has a strong and extensive market influence on the fields of food and beverages, electronic components, coal, textiles and clothing, tourism, bio-medicine, machinery, finance, real estate, petrochemicals, utilities, communications, steel, automobiles, and etc.
Early in 2003, CMS Research Center was awarded the Best Analysts Team by “New Fortune” Magazine The team has maintained a high level competitive strength for 6 consecutive years. In 2009, glory was again shone on the team for it was selected as the top 3 Best Analysts Teams by the "New Fortune" Magazine. More than 60 CMS researchers were nominated as best analyst, they have a leading position in more than 20 industries research.
In May 2008, in the selection of the British "Financial Times" and Starmine "2007 Best Analyst", the automobile industry group, the financial industry group, tourism services and consumer industry group, the energy industry group, public services group all won the "Best Stock Recommendation", and were all ranked the top three, the overall R & D strength tied with UBS ranked top 5 with Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs in Asia.