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International Businesses

CMS has the following subsidiaries in Hong Kong: China Merchants Securities (HK) Co. Ltd, and

China Merchants Securities Asset Management (HK) Co.Ltd;

("China Merchants Securities Asset Management (HK) Co.Ltd") . Both of them hold financial securities businesses licenses to provide a full range of financial servicesincluding: securities and futures brokerage, investment banking, asset management, researches and analyses. In the first half of 2010, China Merchants Securities (HK) was among the top best market performer among 461 participants in Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Brokerage business to provide clients with channels to trade on major overseas stock markets

Brokerage businessincludes:

Stocks, bonds, funds, warrants and trust products and related stock index futures and other derivatives traded on Hong Kong Stock Exchange;

Financial products trading in China B shares and the stock markets in United States, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Britain, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia;

Futures products trading in Chicago Mercantile Exchange, New York Mercantile Exchange, Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Eurex, Singapore Exchange and etc.

June 2010, CMS set up "Zhiyuan investment club" to provide additional expert consultancy.

Investment banking business provides domestic with companies path to overseas listings

CMS provides companies globally with investment banking services including listing sponsoring and underwriting, post-IPO refinancing, M&A, PE, financial advisory and independent financial consultancy and etc.

IPO cases including: CMS (HK) successfully sponsored Meike International, Shen Guan Holdings and China Metal Recycling in IPOs and listing in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the total funds raised reached 3.6 billion Hong Kong dollars approximately;

M&A cases including: China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd. acquired Hong Kong listed company Enric Energy Equipment Holdings Limited, completed asset injection, reverse mergers and the new listing application. The total amount of transaction was more than 6.7 billion Hong Kong dollars. In 2009, on the Seventh Annual Meeting of China M&A, the project won "2009 China M&A Award for Best Financial Adviser."

Asset management business tailors wealth management plan for clients

CMS Asset Management (HK) Co. Ltd (“CMSAMHK”) was established in 2008 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Merchants Securities. The business of CMSAMHK includes:

Discretionary account management services for high net-worth clients, private funds and other forms of asset management services.

In June 2009, CMSAMHK successfully launched the "CMSAM Prosperity Growth Fund”, raised USD26.6 million. As at June 2011, the assets under management of discretionary accounts reached more than HKD200 million. To know more about CMSAMHK, please go to

Research and Analysis Business provides professional consultancy for overseas investments

Members of CMS (HK) research team all have Master degrees or above. With an average of more than 5 years experience in investment researches, more than 70% of research team members have study or work experience in Europe and America.

CMS (HK) studies all types of companies listed on Hong Kong stock exchange and provides market prospective on a daily basis, focusing on stocks of companies from mainland China. With the resources of its parent company CMS, CMS (HK) has unique strength in studying Chinese listed companies, China's macroeconomy and market trends .

CMS provides comprehensive, timely, flexible, efficient and diversified investment advisory services in accordance with clients’ demands. CMS is the investment advisor to a number of institutions of Japan, Korea and other countries.

Global Market Services for globally diversified investments

At present, we have partnerships with counterparts in Japan, Korea, Singapore, US and other regions on China A/B shares, H shares, research services, PE and investment banking products sales.