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Private Equity Businesses

Direct investment business (PE) is undertaken by China Merchants Capital Investment, CO. LTD, a wholly owned subsidiary of CMS- established in August 2009- with a registered capital of RMB 500 million Yuan.

CMC uses its own capital for equity investments in domestic enterprises, while providing clients with equity investment and financial advisory as the industry / equity investment fund manager.

Investment Strategies

Investment Region: China.

Investment Stage: mainly Pre-IPO projects, while growth stage projects may be considered.

Investment Scale: more appropriate for single investment ranges from 20 million to 1 billion yuan, quality projects with no limits.

Forms of Investment: seeking for non controlling status, joint investment acceptable.

Industries to Invest: a wide range of fields except for real estate. Focusing on consumption, new energy, new materials, consumer electronics, modern logistics, modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing, environmental protection, education, health care, financial services and other industries for investment opportunities.

Withdrawn Channels: domestic IPO.

Target Companies: GEM-oriented enterprises with an annual net profit no less than 20 million Yuan, recent two years’ revenue growth rate of no less than 30%, top 5 in the industry; main board and the board for SMEs with the current year net profit of no less than 50 million Yuan, sales revenue no less than 300 million Yuan and top 10 in the industry; Restrictions can be lifted for those companies indicating great growing potentials.