Guangdong Ellington Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. sponsored by CMS was listed successfully, raising RMB1.378 billion

China Merchants Securities (2014-07-15 16:48) [Full Text]

On July 1, Guangdong Ellington Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. ("Ellington Electronics" for short, stock code: 603328), for which China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd. serves as the sponsor institution and main underwriter, was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. Ellington Electronics publicly issued 90 million new A shares at a price of RMB15.31 per share, raising RMB1.378 billion. Mr. Gong Shaolin was invited to the listing ceremony held in Shanghai Stock Exchange and delivered a wonderful speech. Ellington Electronics is a technology enterprise specializing in manufacturing and sales of high-precision and high-density double-layer and multi-layer PCB. Its products are widely used in products of downstream industries such as communication products, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, computers and related equipment and industrial control products. Ellington Electronics is a leader in the PCB industry and is also a main PCB product supplier in the world. In terms of product sales, Ellington Electronics is among the top ones in China. It ranks the first in multi-layer PCB sales volume and the second in PCB sales revenue. In 2012, it ranks the 33rd among PCB manufacturers globally in terms of output value. Ellington Electronics is a leading PCB enterprise in the Chinese market and a main competitor in the international market. The comprehensive competitive edge of the company is prominent in the industry. In sponsoring the listing of Ellington Electronics, CMS provided maximized value for the customer through professional, rigorous, diligent and responsible high-quality services and established win-win relations of mutual trust and common development with the customer, which lays a good foundation for CMS to further expand in the capital market.


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