CMS was awarded the "2014 Best Wealth Management Brand in China"

CMS (2014-07-13 14:01) [Full Text]

On July 11, the "2014 Summit Forum on Wealth Management in China and the Award Ceremony for Best Wealth Management Institutions", sponsored by Securities Times, was successfully held in Shenzhen. With professional service teams and high-quality wealth management services, CMS stood out from numerous contestant brokers and banks and won the significant comprehensive award, i.e., the 2014 Best Wealth Management Brand in China.

In the ceremony CMS also obtained the other awards, including individual awards of "2014 Best Securities Broker in China", "2014 Best Financing and Margin Trading Broker in China" and "2014 Most Potential Asset Management Broker in China", and the product award of "2014 Best Asset Management in the Quantified Investment Category" with its CSI 300 "Touch and Go" series. In addition, seven sales departments of CMS were awarded "Top 100 Securities Sales Department in China", namely, the securities sales departments on Shenzhen Yitian road, Shenzhen Nanyou avenue, Beijing Jianguo road, Shenzhen Qianhai road, Shanghai Century avenue, Guangzhou Tianhe North road, and Chengdu West 1th Ring Road. 


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